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Creating your innovative and efficient fundraising campaign has never been so easy.

Decide how you want to make a difference, select a campaign and create your fundraising page.

It only takes two minutes to set up a fundraising page. Decide what to do. Pick a name, pick a photo and just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money to your favorite organization.

Spread the word about your fundraising campaign and ask your friends to give.

Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal. Don’t forget to say thank you on behalf of all the refugees you are helping!

See how you have made a difference and share the good news with your friends.

The funds you raise won’t just help provide vital protection, shelter, healthcare and education, but will also help to heal broken pasts and build brighter futures. We’ll share stories of hope with you to make you and your friends feel proud.

Meet some of our incredible fundraisers

You can do anything to raise money.

Pledge your birthday

Tired of traditional birthday gifts? This year ask for something more meaningful, like a €30 donation!

Get creative

Throw a karaoke party, shave your head, host a bake sale or come up with your own exciting idea.

Sporting challenge

Challenge yourself by taking part in a sporting event and ask people to sponsor your commitment.

So, what will you do to support us?